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Exclamation Point IconCSMH7B6LPAFixed an issue where Operating System shutdown was halted by the Notes client. The Notes client also remained in a non responsive state. In some...
PCHE89APJVFixed a problem where the view pane shrunk after multiple opens. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2.
HOKA8F9BHHFixed an issue in Sent and All Docs views where a mail message displayed wrong name in Recipients and Who columns, respectively.
GPFM8MAJ2L@Command([Execute], "program.exe") adds extra, empty parameter when executing program
GKYU8P9FSG Fixes Client hang on Mac 10.7.2 when attempting to delete a large number of emails.
RHAN8N9JHZ Fixes "Error Accessing Product Object Method" message on Mailfile Open when user is limited to Editor access. This regression was introduced in...
JBEN8N6UDEAddressed a Cross site scripting vulnerability in iNotes Ultralite.
YGAO8RAGAWSPR# YGAO8RAGAW -Fixed an issue where users were receiving the message "Error notifying a preference change listener" when desktop policies were...
PBAO8SFPD4Fixed an intermittent issue where the Preferences dialog box disappears behind the Notes client window.
JSTN8QQ26XFixed an occasional crash in dynconfig within client policy enforcement.
BHUY8MZJR8Fixes issue where the navigator pane is opening very small when the "Auto adjust panes at runtime" flag on the navigator properties is...
JFIY8QE4B3Fixes Notes Client performance issue when finding Rooms or Resources in meeting while user is failed over to backup server
NGRT8H2BMEFixes issue where client failover routines were not triggered as expected upon user actions if the home server was not available
RHAN8CVS32Fixed an issue where the Notes Client would crash when trying to delete a message after error "ILLEGAL DELETE"
RREN8R4PE9 Fixed an issue where the search bar would intermittently disappear in the client.
ADC8SG94E Fixes an intermittent Notes Client crash with Unknown Error in process Unknown and function CLSUIDocument::RemoveScriptObject.
ADC8TS93BFixes Unknown Error in process Unknown and function SkinButtonWndProc.


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